HELLO i am jay and this is my art tumblr i draw a lot of animals and furries and things

ALL I WANT TO DO IS DRAW DEER RIGHT NOW.. so if you have a deer character toss a ref my way on this post ;w;! depending on how many there are I might not do all of them, but i’ll try regardless uwu!

edit: to those asking about new deer designs, sorry but right now i’d just like to draw already-made deer characters for their owners ;w;;

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  1. beneaththedolmen answered: Are you still doing this? :D I may have a few for you.
  2. vintage-sketches answered: if your still open! fc02.deviantart.net/fs7…
  3. ammoth answered: Oh damn I have a deer character! charahub.com/charact…
  4. ldefix answered: fc00.deviantart.net/fs7… yu can make him a feral if you want .w.
  5. siteia answered: Oooo I’d loooove a drawing of my angel ice deer babbu o3o
  6. hart-ungalled answered: d.facdn.net/art/fin… I would probably die of happiness if you took the time to draw my sassdeer
  7. officialdonatello answered: dunno if I’m late bUT charahub.com/charact… ?? she’s a deer kirin hehehe
  8. kaydreamer answered: Well if you’d like to… img27.imageshack.us/img…
  9. starsweet answered: not sure if this girl counts but! i244.photobucket.com/al…
  10. magicpawed answered: omg I dont have a reff but ahh its just a little pink fawn
  11. ouiaboo answered: silkyarts.tumblr.com/po… does that count GOMEN THE COLORS ARE GROSS AND WRONG
  12. theloinlesslioness answered: omg omg 24.media.tumblr.com/tum… @m@?
  13. bricudoodle answered: eeeee this is so nice of you!! here’s my guy… d.facdn.net/art/bri…
  14. linaevelovesyou answered: linaevelovesyou.tumblr…. TECHNICALLY AN ELK BUT UH HE COUNTS SHH
  15. 8bitdeer answered: But, if I don’t have a deer char, would you do one for me/other people who also don’t have a deer?
  16. crayonchewer answered: THIS ISN’T REALLY A TRUE DEER AND IS A LONG SHOT AHAHahaha… fav.me/d41yq52
  17. darkcrystalwyvern answered: Since I don’t have a deer character, how about Sawsbuck?
  18. ono2spooky answered: Would you MAKE a deer character? I’ve always wanted one o3o
  19. fish-meister answered: Draw deerling wwwwww
  20. jaywaltzings posted this
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